— Mary Washington College in the 1930s

Class Recreation

Well first off, I thought the group that did the 1950s did an absolutely amazing job on their blog website, so props to them, they really deserved it! Now we get to recreate their decade which should be REALLY fun! As far as actually pulling it off though I have a few thoughts. I think that we should definitely talk with Professor McCluskey of the theater department to get an accurate sense of clothing and dress of the time. I know I personally think of June Cleaver as being the 1950s look but I wonder if thats just mainly an ideal portrayed on television, and not the style of what most women wore. I also think that we should maybe try to recreate an education class since that was the primary major of the college from the beginning. I’m not really sure what roles people should have other than students really. Working in non-academic material I think is going to be tough just because we are trying to stay within the classroom experience. Maybe we could some how recreate a Devil-Goat Day and then continue the “rivalry” in the classroom somehow. To get more information from source I think that we can start with what the 1950s group looked through in the University Archives. Dr. Crawley’s book could definitely provide some great secondary material and point us in a direction to look by pulling from sources that he used. Also looking at The Battlefield can give us a sense of dress and location, like where to recreate. Being able to recreate the 1950s should be pretty fun and I am looking forward to learning more about the decade!